We use scientific innovation to improve customer experience and customer health.

Babson Diagnostics has established a new vision for diagnostic blood testing. Its technology is supported by the world’s leaders in health care innovation. Combining transformative diagnostic technology with a customer-focused, retail-centric business model, Babson fundamentally changes how blood is collected and analyzed to improve customer health and experience.

More with Less

Improving the human experience of blood testing without compromising accuracy means getting more information from less blood.

Babson Diagnostics’ technology is designed to produce the same tests with less than one-tenth the blood, using a combination of sample handling technology that reduces the amount of blood wasted and analytical technology that increases the analytical output of a given volume of blood.

Your body works hard to create blood. Our technology is designed to conserve your precious blood resource.

Upholding Scientific Rigor

Babson Diagnostics—named in honor of Art Babson, who revolutionized the field of diagnostic medicine with his focus on delivering accurate and repeatable results—has firmly maintained a Science-first approach since its inception. The company uses established diagnostic technology to analyze blood samples one-tenth the volume typically collected for conventional diagnostic blood testing in a system designed to produce accurate diagnostic results. Babson Diagnostics is working with local and national retail pharmacies to validate its technology by conducting clinical trials intended for publishing and peer review.

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Collection Technology

Babson Diagnostics’ technology is designed to produce the same tests using

less than one-tenth

the amount of blood typically collected during conventional diagnostic blood testing.

In conventional diagnostic blood testing, blood is drawn from a needle in the vein into tubes that typically range from 4mL to 10mL. This venipuncture procedure requires a phlebotomist, which in turn requires customers to visit centralized collection sites with large waiting rooms. In order to bring diagnostic blood testing to convenient retail locations, Babson Diagnostics’ new collection technology is designed to:

  • Collect less than one-tenth of the sample volume
  • Collect capillary blood from the fingertip instead of venous blood from the arm
  • Enable sample collection by any trained health care provider, eliminating the need for a phlebotomist
  • Practically eliminate variability based on user technique

Diagnostic blood testing usually requires venipuncture because capillary blood collection presents a range of obstacles to sample quality. In order to collect capillary samples with high enough quality to produce diagnostic results, Babson Diagnostics’ new collection technology is designed with:

  • Controls to reduce sample contamination from interstitial fluid
  • Controls to reduce clotting during extraction
  • Controls to reduce damage to red blood cells
  • Controls to reduce sample heterogeneity problems that typically result from collecting small samples

Collection Volume

Sample Handling Technology

Babson Diagnostics’ sample handling technology is designed to

reduce the amount of blood that is wasted by 93%.

Blood belongs in your body, not in a medical waste bin.

In conventional diagnostic blood testing, more than 95% of the blood is discarded and never analyzed. We are developing sample handling technology designed to reduce the amount of blood that is wasted by 93%.

Mishandling samples can lead to error. Our sample handling technology is automated.

In conventional diagnostic blood testing, the vast majority of errors occur in the sample handling process. Our proprietary automated sample handling technology is designed with:

  • Mix-up Prevention: Linkage between the sample and the customer’s identity
  • Automatic Processing: Automated preanalytical processes to prevent human error in the timing and order of steps
  • Security: Physical security to prevent unauthorized access and loss
  • Cold Chain Transport: End-to-end environmental control to protect sample quality

Sample Waste

Analytical Technology

Babson Diagnostics’ analytical technology is designed to

increase the analytical information gained from a given amount of blood by 35%.

Much like conventional diagnostics companies, Babson Diagnostics runs a CLIA-registered clinical laboratory with state-of-the-art diagnostic analyzers, operated and supervised by credentialed clinical laboratory professionals.

The difference is in what Babson’s laboratory is designed to accomplish.

Conventional laboratories are built to process large blood tubes collected using venipuncture. While some conventional laboratories are capable of running small samples (such as for pediatric patients), these samples are typically processed separately using manual procedures. Babson’s laboratory is designed for the specific purpose of automated microsample processing, with:

  • Analytical methods optimized to consume less sample than conventional methods, increasing analytical output by 35%
  • High-throughput microsample processing to ensure affordability

Analytical Output