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Technology That
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Our technological ecosystem represents a leap forward in every aspect of the diagnostic blood testing process.

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Collection Technology

Enables sample collection by any trained healthcare worker, eliminating the need for a specially trained phlebotomist. It allows us to bring quality diagnostic testing to convenient locations such as the retail pharmacy. It is a preferred experience, designed to need one-tenth the volume of blood—an amount as small as a pea - collected from the fingertip. It addressees the typical pitfalls of capillary collection, producing high-quality samples that enable results medically equivalent to those from traditional methods.

The BD MiniDraw™ Capillary Blood Collection System is a key component of BetterWay™ —a first-of-its-kind blood testing service that give patients a true alternative to traditional venipuncture methods.

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blood test technology

Automated Sample Handling

The Babson sample preparation device brings automation and ease to preparing blood samples, reducing human interaction and error. It is designed to guide the collection technician through the BetterWay process, automate sample preparation steps, and maintain stable, optimal sample conditions at all times. 

blood test technology in a microsample laboratory

High-throughput Analytical Processes

Designed to do a whole lot more with less. Babson Diagnostics has built a microsample laboratory for today, generating medically accurate results with less sample and high throughput efficiency to keep costs low. Our state-of-the-art lab can scale to run more than 40 million tests a year.

The Science Behind BetterWay

Innovating with integrity means we go above and beyond to ensure we are validating our technology. Leading through science, we intend to set a new standard in the diagnostics industry.


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