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April 10, 2023

Babson Diagnostics Welcomes New Clinical Advisor, Andrew Carroll, M.D.

Austin, Texas – Babson Diagnostics, a science-first healthcare technology company, today announced the addition of a clinical advisor who will bring valuable insights of the medical community in the ongoing development and introduction of the company’s new diagnostic blood testing service, BetterWay™. Andrew Carroll, M.D., a family physician and clinical assistant professor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, will provide advice and counsel about clinical best practices and review validation data and reports.

Dr. Carroll is a leading voice in family medicine, having served on the board of directors of the American Academy of Family Physicians, a professional organization representing more than 130,000 doctors. He also has extensive experience in the areas of new healthcare delivery models, healthcare information technology, and medical informatics.

“Dr. Carroll joins the Babson team as a highly recognized leader in the industry and brings first-hand clinical experience as we move closer to launch,” said David Stein, Babson’s chief executive officer.

“His deep understanding of what is critical to physicians and their patients will bring value and clinical guidance to fulfilling Babson's mission of making blood testing easier and patient centered.”

David Stein, Ph.D., CEO

Babson’s BetterWay blood testing reimagines diagnostic testing - from collection to sample preparation to analysis. Requiring only a pea-sized capillary sample from a finger, BetterWay is designed to eliminate the need for collection of large tubes of blood for analysis while maintaining medically accurate results clinicians and their patients can trust.

Dr. Carroll will join Babson at industry events, trade shows, and clinical meetings. He will also assist in assembling a clinical advisory board to support the company in embedding clinical best practices.

Dr. Carroll is the founder, owner and medical director at Atembis LLC in Chandler, Arizona, where he is focused on providing cost-conscientious  care for patients who are not eligible for federal or state insurance benefits. 

“Effective care starts with having the best health information about your patients and much of that critical data comes from blood testing,” Dr. Carroll said. “I love collaborating with innovative companies like Babson who are focused on making health easier for all.”