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Diagnostic tests are the cornerstone of preventative care. Yet research shows that more than one in five adults do not receive routine blood work and primary care visits.

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The future lies in preventative care that people actually use.

Patients prefer easy. The modern consumer expects convenience and digital ease, without sacrificing affordability and high quality. This expectation has driven the growth of virtual care options, wearables, retail clinics and health services in the pharmacy.

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Why BetterWay?

Accurate, quality blood testing offers numerous health benefits. They help identify developing health problems, guide timely clinical care, as well as help patients and their providers make more informed decisions about diet, lifestyle, and exercise. Regular blood testing also is critical in the prevention and management of chronic diseases.

BetterWay will enable blood testing by non-phlebotomists in convenient locations such as retail pharmacies, without sacrificing quality, accuracy, or the types of tests that are possible.

BetterWay is a preferred experience, designed to deliver accessibility, convenience and a better patient experience.

Let’s Do This Together

The power of prevention is centered on connecting people to convenient health services provided by an integrated team of health professionals.

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