Working to improve our customers’ health by making diagnostic blood testing more convenient, accessible, and human

convenient, accessible, and human

Pharmacy Visit

Customer checks in at their local pharmacy to order their blood tests

Collection Technology

Pharmacy employee collects a high-quality, pea-sized blood sample from the fingertip

Sample Handling Technology

Pharmacy processes the samples using technology that preserves quality and reduces the amount of sample wasted

Analytical Technology

Samples are transported to microsample laboratory for same-day or next-day analysis

Diagnostic Test Results

Customer and clinician receive secure, easy-to-understand results


The places you already visit as part of your day-to-day routine: the local pharmacy, shopping center, or grocery store.


Retail pharmacies are closer to where people live, work, and play. This makes routine health care more available to more people.


Technology designed to collect and preserve high-quality capillary samples. Laboratories built on state-of-the-art diagnostic analyzers and supervised by professional clinical laboratory personnel. Diagnostic results that you can use for your annual physical exam.


Test your blood, not your patience. Collection technology designed to be used by any pharmacy technician, which means no waiting for a dedicated phlebotomist.


Retail pharmacy locations are open evenings, weekends, and during your lunch breaks, so you don’t have to miss work to monitor your health.


A high-throughput laboratory to keep out-of-pocket costs low. All prices shown upfront, with no surprise bills. Eligible to be covered by insurance when ordered by a clinician.


Less-invasive collection process so you never have to see a needle. Friendly service from pharmacy staff at retailers with high customer service standards.

Respectful to the body.

Your body works hard to create blood. We aim to conserve your precious blood resource and make the most efficient use of it possible. Compared to conventional diagnostic blood testing, our technology is designed to produce the same tests using less than one-tenth the volume of blood by reducing the amount of wasted blood by 93% and increasing the analytical information gained from a given amount of blood by 35%.


Take control of your health: the option to self-order tests without a prescription, and easy-to-understand results that help you track your personal health goals.


Babson Diagnostics is developing a new blood collection device that will collect small samples of blood from the fingertip. Consumers will be able to go to retail pharmacy counters to get quick, low-cost blood tests, either as directed by their doctor or by their own choice.


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